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Sail Repair/New Sails

With the high costs of a new sail, it makes sense to keep your sails in good repair. Sails need regular attention to prolong the life of the sail, whether patching a small tear before it becomes a full panel replacement or repairing batten pocket problems.
Sail la Vie can point out common sail problems and suggest repairs before they turn into a major expense and a major inconvenience.
When considering repairs or replacement, Sail la Vie will help you in that decision process with an estimate for the repairs and/or pricing for a new sail.

If you need a new sail, Sail la Vie works with experienced sailmakers in the United States who produce affordable high quality sails. Let us price out your new sails

Basic sail maintenance (click here)

Some of the basic repair services that
Sail la Vie offers are:

Repairing tears
Batten pocket repairs
Adding or repairing reef points
Adding or repairing roller fuller
Window replacements
Adding or replacing grommets
Converting to slugs or replacing slugs

Bring your sails in for an estimate or call us. You can also ship us your sails, as many sails can be easily boxed and shipped at a minimal cost. Just contact us and let us know how we can help.


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